My Value Proposition

With me around, your people and teams will play better together. They will cooperate more and their work satisfaction will increase because of that. With me people will improve their processes so that things will work better for the common goals in a more lean and agile way. The teams will achieve more goal-related results. The overall quality will improve because of the increased consciousness level in individuals and teams.

All of this happens because of the effects that my working style has on people: There will be discussions about essential questions. The points of these discussions will be made clear for everybody and there will be concrete plans of action that will be tracked. People’s thinking will be clearer, they will resolve their problems better and they will see their work from a larger perspective. People will feel that they have been properly listened to and their willingness in participating will increase.

My value proposition relies heavily on the large amount of feedback that I receive from colleagues and customers. You can read some of it on my LinkedIn profile.

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