Yle Areena Development And Maintenance

At 10/2013 I entered the team that was responsible for development, maintenance and technical support of the Yle Areena software platform. Yle Areena is the online radio and television by the Finnish National Broadcasting Company. At the time Yle Areena was also the most popular and most trusted public Finnish online service in Finland. We worked closely and our team was distributed in five different cities, two of which abroad.

The domain and the environment is very complex and wide. Developing the applications is not particularly easy due to a large amount of dependencies and influencing factors. Working in an organized manner is not particularly easy either due to the same reasons, plus the fact that a big part of change requests relate to activities of urgent nature.

I was on the team for one and a half years. I worked in the roles of agile and quality consultant and coach. For ten months I was responsible for the entire development, maintenance and support service, in the role of service manager.

The tasks of service manager included:

– seeing that the entire production process worked and produced high quality outcome
– communicating with a number of stakeholders
– managing a large number of projects, operations and activities
– orchestrating the operational activities sometimes in very acute and intense situations
– improving the production processes
– leading the technical support service and maintenance planning
– managing the resources in rapidly changing circumstances
– advancing business opportunities

As for my role as a quality and agile consultant and coach, here are examples of what sort of issues I dealt with:

– Lack of self-organization
– Command-and-control style management
– Unpredictable cycle times
– Difficulties in having planned changes happen
– Too quickly changing assignments for developers
– Lack of team alignment
– Low bus factor

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