Select Projects IT strategy 5/2017 – 5/2018

We developed an IT strategy for the company that addresses internal development demands and relevant internal and external circumstances. We did the strategy work in collaboration with IT departments and top management. My role was strategy work expert and coach. We deployed a bottom-up approach, emphasizing team collaboration as an alternative to top-down implementation.

Yle Areena development, maintenance and technical support 10/2013 – 4/2015

I worked on the team that took care of the development, maintenance and technical support of the Yle Areena publishing platform. I worked in the roles of service manager, quality consultant and agile coach. My work as an agile coach related to the ongoing Scaled Agile Framework based agile and lean transition going on in the web publishing organization. Read the entire story here.

Eficode quality management system 3/2010 – 6/2011

I built and had certified an ISO 9001:2008 compatible quality management system for the company. The system was based on agile software development methodology. I lead the project, worked as the primary expert of the subject matter and lead the related change in the organization. Read the entire story here.

A requirements specification project 3/2009 – 5/2009

Our customer had a need to rewrite a business critical background software system. The difficulty was to describe the functionality in a comprehensible way because the system was very deep in the background with a lot of technical integrations. We proposed to examine and specify the requirements as user stories (as in agile software development).

I took a colleague software expert to do the project with me. We recognized the stakeholder representatives and conducted a number of interviews with them. We specified the required user roles and then went through the needs of the user roles in a detailed manner. As an end result we came up with a long list of user story descriptions, classified by the user roles. This helped the product management organization to better manage the system development.

The surprise element of the study was that although it seemed at the beginning that a great deal of user roles refer to technical systems, in the end a very large part of the stories were stories of human user roles. It is often the case that we people think too much in technical terms and some elaboration is needed to shift our thoughts to human ends.

Delivery of an environmental data observation system 6/2008 – 11/2008

I was a project manager in a customer-tailored software project that aimed at delivering the user interface for an environmental data collection and observation system. The project had challenges related to the scope and the technology. Eventually we came out of it with good results. Read the entire story here.

SporttiPassi development project 3/2008 – 8/2008

Eficode partnered together with Eventbrokers to create an electronic sports voucher system called Sporttipassi. It is nowadays widely in use alongside with Liikuntaseteli and others. Eficode did the technical implementation of the online service and integrated it with the SMS process interfaces.

I was a technical project manager in this project and also responsible for the technical requirement specifications. I worked with the business to understand the requirements and with the technical people to coordinate the project and to take care of quality aspects. The first release of SporttiPassi service was launched in the end of summer.

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