Actually, I focus more on team achievements than individual accomplishments, but here are some highlights of what can be regarded as my impact on teams and organizations:

Yle Areena development management

I lead the Yle Areena platform development and maintenance team to work in a decentralized, self-organizing way. I lead the team to use properly earlier adopted agile and lean working methods and further improve them. I lead the team to work in a systematical way of managing large and complicated development endeavors. This helped in achieving critical targets in a reasonable schedule. All of this also helped the following Scaled Agile Framework based process transition in the web development organization.

You can read more about what I did at Yle Areena here.

Eficode quality management system

I developed an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system for Eficode without prior knowledge or material. There was no expertise on quality management systems in the entire organization. I found out about everything and lead the entire cultural change process.

Furthermore, the quality management system was based on agile software development methods, which probably made it quite unique in Finland. You can read more here.

Scrum adoption at Eficode

I lead the entire software production organization at Eficode to deploy Scrum and other agile methodologies in customer projects. This lead to growth of customer satisfaction, growth of employee satisfaction, improved technical quality and lowered project costs. The number of employees in the organization in question grew from a dozen to over sixty.

Eficode customer satisfaction

For five years, I was responsible for production quality in the fastest growing software service company in Finland. The customer satisfaction was high all the time, a central reason of which being customer perceived delivery quality.

Growing a large customer account

I worked with the head of a customer account to save their critical delivery project and gave them consultation on technology and methodology issues. A strong mutual trust was born, which lead to them growing to be our second largest customer account and adopting new technologies and agile project methods, following our recommendations.

This project description gives a more detailed picture of how our relationship started.

Eficode people management culture

When I worked as the first appointed team manager in Eficode, I created a strong role model and management practices to later managers with my humane and individual-centered leadership style. These practices include a lot of one-on-ones, career guidance, team events, listening to individual experiences and integrating them into how the organization is developed, and actively caring about people in general. Other managers as well as many team members have expressed that I am their ”spiritual role model”. Still after one and a half years after I gave up my role as a team manager, my previous team members said publicly that I was the best manager they’ve ever had.

–> Work History

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