Work History 01/2016 – 

I’ve been working as a change agent for the CTO of the company. Our goal has been to increase agility in software development by removing silos, enhancing self-awareness in the organization and developing internal practices.

My tasks have been diverse and I’ve had several focus areas. Among significant tasks have been development of project management culture, helping teams with their internal problems, improving development portfolio management, individual coaching of key personnel, development of strategic planning, improvement of Scrum, building trust between departments and development of management culture.

Affecto 10/2013 – 9/2015

At Affecto I brought additional agile awareness into the organization. I took part in managing a software development service that was part of a larger organization that was going through a SAFe based transition.

5/2015 – 9/2015 I concentrated on developing Affecto’s custom software development services and increasing agility in major customer projects.

10/2013 – 4/2015 I worked with the service team who took care of software development, maintenance and technical support for the company’s biggest customer. I worked in the roles of service manager, agile coach and quality improvement consultant. See a more detailed description here.

Other responsibilities: In the spring 2015 I lead a biweekly coaching circle at Affecto Helsinki office.

Eficode 9/2007 – 7/2013

At the time I was working there, Eficode was a rapidly-growing and financially very successful software company that was chosen as the Finland’s most successful software services company in ”Menestyjät” list of the Kauppalehti magazine. My influence on the company’s success was essential. I had a strong impact on deployment of agile development and project methods, systematic quality management, human-centered management culture, customer account growth and overall workplace satisfaction.

3/2010 – 7/2013 I worked with building a quality management system and having it certified. I worked as the quality manager of the company and took care of a lot of overall quality related tasks.

10/2009 – 3/2012 I was a team manager of a software development team (size 9 to 17). I was the first appointed team manager in the company and I had a central role in developing the management culture.

3/2008 – 12/2009 I worked as a project manager and a ScrumMaster. I introduced Scrum methodology to customer projects and worked on increasing customer satisfaction in an account that grew to be the company’s second largest.

9/2007 – 2/2008 I worked as a software developer. The assignments were related to logistics, for example.

Koodaripalvelut 8/2007 – 9/2007

I worked in quality assurance for five weeks for a big customer of Koodaripalvelut in a very confidential software project.

Various training and teaching jobs 1/2001 – 5/2006

I got a wide experience of helping people to learn. I taught all kinds of people from teenagers to 55+ years old, from highly educated to people with little education.

2005 – 2006 I taught mathematics at Helsinki vocational painting school.
2004 – 2006 I taught Java programming at Edupoli adult training center.
2004 I taught computer skills, mathematics, physics and music at various schools.
2001 – 2003 I held Java programming project workshops and lectures at University of Helsinki.

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