Career Overview

When I was a student, I also worked as a teacher and trainer in various education faculties. I gained a wide experience of working with many kinds of people, developing their skills and thinking. After my graduation, I went to work in testing and programming tasks in software companies. However, I turned out to be better in management tasks and thus my technical career cut short.

I spent six years at Eficode, working in many management positions and actively developing the company. I became the agile evangelist of the company and a central figure in creating a people-oriented culture. Many people came to talk to me when they had problems. I also had a central role in growing the largest customer accounts.

After Eficode I spent two years at Affecto (now CGI) with the title business consultant. I worked with the team that took care of the technical development and maintenance of the Finland’s most popular online service. I continued applying my management skills and agile/quality expertise. During this time I learned a lot about working with large-scale, complex business solutions.

Since 2016 I’ve worked at, which is the Finland’s largest online retail store, helping out in developing the organization and solving its internal problems. I’ve put into use everything I’ve learned in my earlier jobs and developed my coaching skills to a professional level.

The eight years at privately held companies have shown that I have strong leadership capabilities and very strong analytical skills that I apply readily to understanding and resolving different situations in organizations. The feedback that I am great in making people think and see things from different perspectives as well as my presence contributing to large changes has kept growing over time.

My time at Eficode and Affecto together comprises many different endeavours. See the Work History section for a more detailed description.

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